Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Home insurance

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Insurance: Overview Did you know that some of the hottest jobs in finance aren't on Wall Street at all? These are jobs in insurance.

health indianapolis insurance

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auto insurance michigan

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Great news for florida homeowners insurance

What a great way to start the year Every one during 2006 complained about taxes and home owners insurance to be so expensive so I'm very happy to read the following news:. Senate Passes 25% Rate Cut; Citizens Would Enter Commercial!

quick insurance question

My friend got an accident. He's car got totaled (It wasn't his fault). He's worrying that how much money he can get from her (person who hit my friend's car) insurance because KBB value for that S13 is only like 2300ish dollar.

Tennessee Ranks Third In Insurance Claims

Tennessee ranked third nationally in catastrophic insurance claims during 2006.

Expert group reviewing health-insurance sector

An expert group was appointed to review the health-insurance industry in Ireland following BUPA’s decision to exit the market, it was confirmed today.

Independent contractors, Iraq, and insurance: more light on the matter

In his recent article, Contractors in Iraq are a taxpayers' nightmare, Joseph Neff of The (Raleigh) News Observer presents the most detailed accounting of workers compensation as it relates to Iraqi contractors as I've managed to find.

Open Source In the Insurance World

I'm not sure if there has ever been an open source insurance project. I have watched open source take over aspects of other industries. The most frequent use of open source is in software. Linux is, perhaps, the best example.